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G. N. Chattopadhyay
Govinda Narayan

' Late Govinda Narayan Chattopadhyay constituted a
number of Primary,
Secondary and Higher Secondary schools. '
A Request To Parents And Guardians School Fees
School Uniform Circular For Students
Rules Of Admission Requirement Rules / Discipline

A Request To Parents And Guardians

Parents and Guardians must keep in touch with the school diary. They must be present in Guardians meetings. No teachers and Teacher Co-ordinators will be available during school hours.

School Fees

At the beginning of the school year the term fee will be collected.

All students should pay all their dues before they appear for their terminal examination.

Pupil whose fees are four months in arrears will have their names struck off the rolls and will be re-admitted on payment of arrears and re-admission charge of one month’s tuition fee.

School Uniform

It is compulsory for children to come in neat and clean uniform. No ornaments should be worn.

Circular For The Students

     All students. If any student fails to keep the stipulated attendance, he will not be allowed to appear for examination.

     Students must participate in all programmes like Excursion, Sports, Function and etc. They must attend school on holidays and Sunday if required.

     Guardians are requested to check the school diary every day. They can correspond through it if necessary.

     Guardians are requested to write the reasons of their ward’s absence. Absence on medical ground must be informed through application along with medical certificate.

     No students will be allowed to keep mobile phone with them during school hour.

     Guardians must check their ward’s school bag before sending to school so that no unwanted item is brought to school. Guardians are requested not to send any packed food for tiffin because corporation does not allow to put huge garbage in the vat van. Inspite of request if any students bring packed food a fine of Rs.5/- (five) will be charged.

     Identity card is compulsory for all students. Previous year’s identity card will not be valid for the current year.

     All students must report to school at least 15 minutes before school time. Minimum 80% attendance is compulsory for charged.

     Fees must be paid through bank within stipulated dates. Scrolling of receipt book will be done by the school office submitted by the students from class – III to XII before two days of their stipulated day of depositing their ward’s fees must be cleared on and before Summer vacation and Puja vacation.

     Guardians / Students are requested to collect Money Receipt against any of payments from the office. Guardians are requested not to give money to their wards.

     Guardians are requested to keep watch on their ward’s uniform. Uniform must be cleaned and pressed properly, school shoes must be cleaned and polished regularly.

     Students must comb and tie their hair properly. No girls will be allowed to wear golden ornaments, nail polish and any kinds of cosmetics.

     Guardians will not be allowed to meet class teachers or any teachers without prior permission of the Secretary. Guardians are requested to meet the Secretary for any clarification.


Rules Of Admission Requirement
For Science :
Essential qualification is 1st division in Madhyamik or Equivalent Examination.

Desired qualification is at least 70% in Science group.
For Humanities :
Essential qualification is 1st division / 2nd division in aggregate with at least 50 % in Language group.
For Commerce :
Essential qualification is 1st division / 2nd division in aggregate.

Rules / Discipline

     80% attendance is desirable.

     75% attendance is mandatory.

     Free tutorial Class, if arranged, must be attended.

     School attendance is at 6:20 A.M. excepting 7:00A.M. in winter.

     School will be over at 11:45 A.M.

     Students have to adhere to teachers’ instructions.

     Students must take care of their studies.

     Students must be friendly and well behaved.

     Teasing or physically assaulting classmates or juniors are punishable offences.

     Damaging school property is a punishable offence and damage-expense will be charged.

     Disciplinary action will be taken in case of sexual harassment.

     Careful behavior with classmates/friends of opposite sex has to be maintained.

     Disciplinary action will be taken in case of disturbing teachers during teaching in class.

     Students must have easy access to the Head of the Institute.

     Students may have special classes.

     Students must wear clean & pressed uniform with carefully tied necktie.

     Students must not use luxurious goods and cosmetic jewellery. Items of gold are not allowed during class.

     Shoes must be cleaned properly.

     Hair must be combed properly and tied up regularly.

     Monthly tuition fee must be paid by 16th of every month.

Dr Neera Chattopadhyay
Dr Neera
Dr Nivedita Kundu
Dr Nivedita Kundu